The Foolproof Gift Guide for Your Male In-Laws

4 December 2014
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you're the spouse responsible for selecting birthday gifts for your father- or brother-in-law, you can knock the chore off your to-do list early by following a few fun rules to find the best birthday gifts for men:

Become a celebrity journalist.

In-law males can be elusive creatures, shrugging their shoulders and giving no response when you ask them for gift suggestions. Get the dirt by interviewing other family members who know them better. Ask your spouse what gifts made their dad, grandpa or brothers the happiest.

Try to slip in questions at family dinners and on social media. Try something like, "What's the most meaningful gift you've received and why?" Make a list of answers, and stash it away as a great gift idea resource for years to come.

Don't be afraid to typecast the in-laws.

There are certain types of guys who will always appreciate specific gifts. Here are a few types and the gifts they will enjoy:

  • The Eternal Bachelor: This lovable guy always appreciates food gifts, new video games and carefree clothing. Try something like wool, which he can wear for months without washing.
  • The Tinkerer: He probably already has every tool known to man. A home improvement store gift certificate or plans for something you'd love him to make for you are great choices.
  • The Biker Dad: Black leather anything is suitable. Framed wall art, dinnerware and clothes featuring his favorite motorcycle brands are always welcome on this guy's birthday.
  • The Man's Man: Whether he's more cowboy or more hunter, he'll smile when unwrapping a new knife, a western print or a jerky making kit.
  • The Know-It-All: This guy is a whiz at business or academia. Give him a book by one of his favorite authors combined with a tasty food gift. If he likes crossword puzzles or other trivia games, buy him a year's worth of puzzle books and some nice pens and pencils.

Remember the go-to guy gifts.

Nearly all men love candy and other treats, especially if they usually have to restrict their diets. Don't buy food that might compromise their health, but find sugar-free versions of cookies for diabetics and low fat cakes and candies for older men who must limit fats. Men also often love hot peppers, chutneys or summer sausages and cheeses.

No matter how old and stoic a man gets, there's always a little boy inside. A remote control car or helicopter will bring out the inner child in nearly any guy. There are all sorts of techie new games and gadgets that your men-in-law will enjoy receiving, but remember to include batteries.

With these tips, choosing birthday gifts for in-law men can be easy — and even enjoyable.