Top 4 Extras Flower Shop Owners Will Want To Offer

17 May 2017
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Local flower shop owners will find themselves in competition with popular online shops. While advertising helps bring in new customers, offering a host of extra perks and services is what's going to differentiate the shop and keep clients coming back again and again. 

Start a Birthday Club

People love getting free stuff on their birthdays. Draw customers in by offering them the chance to join the birthday club. The form will capture the individual's contact information, including email and home address, that you can then use to send information about future promotions. When the customer's birthday rolls around, you can invite them to visit the shop for a complimentary gift, or supply them with a valuable coupon, such as $10 off a $30 purchase. 

Offer Same Day Delivery

While almost all flower shops provide customers with the ability to have their bouquets delivered, they don't all offer same day delivery. This service will bring in individuals who have a tendency to do things at the last minute, as well as those who suddenly remember an anniversary or family member's birthday. You may opt to charge an additional fee for this service, but simply providing it is going to increase your business. 

Accept Orders Online

Create a portfolio of popular bouquets that you readily have available in your shop and offer them for sale via a website. This caters to the busy mom or to the corporate executive who just doesn't have time to drive downtown to have a custom bouquet created at your shop. You may require the client to come in and pick the order up at a specific time, or allow the customer to request your employees deliver the flowers to their intended recipient. 

Start a Customer Loyalty Program

While a birthday club is a great way to draw in new clients, a customer loyalty program is the best way to reward patrons and encourage them to return to the store for all of their floral needs. There are several ways you can implement this type of program. You may choose to offer a free bouquet for every 10 bought, or go with a points system that earns the shopper a complimentary item. For example, you may assign 100 points for referring new customers, 200 points for purchasing a small bouquet, or 1,000 points for booking a wedding package. When your customers reach the designated number of points, they can turn in those points for the free item.

These tips will help you to maximize your potential with your flower shop.