Decorating Tips For History Buffs

18 October 2017
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

History buffs have lots of options when it comes time to decorating their house. Because they have a very niche interest, they have a great opportunity to pick out some items that represent their unique style. So, in addition to things such as paintings and posters, they can decorate their home with items that reflect on historical events. A few subtle items would be amazing. It's not necessary to go out and fill up an apartment with relics like it's a museum. However, it is appropriate to add a few small items that have historical relevance to the walls or room. Here are a few ideas.

Replica Maps

A really cool idea for history buffs is to get a replica map. These maps are reproductions of classical maps that have been used throughout antiquity. You could choose to get a reproduction of a hand drawn map that might have been used during Medieval times, or even one that was used during a battle campaign such as Napoleon's siege of Moscow. These maps are designed to look aged, so that it appears that you have a genuine old map on your wall.

Another fun idea is to get topographical maps that might have been used during the early days of the American west. These maps are really cool looking and also function as a conversation piece for when you have guests.

Busts Of Ancient Philosophers

If you prefer a small sculpture, then you might want to get a bust of an ancient philosophizer. These are really cool if you have a dedicated reading space, and you are also a big ancient history buff. You could get a bust of Aristotle or Plato and have them on a stand in your reading room. If you don't feel like getting a large bust and having a pedestal or stand, you can get a smaller one and then place it directly onto the bookshelf and use it as a bookend for your collection of philosophical works.

Replica Coins For A Display Case

Another really fun idea is to get a glass display case and arrange a series of replica coins. You could get replica coins from the Ancient world (Green and Roman) or you could get a collection of Civil War era coins. The benefit to getting replica coins over the real coins is that they are much more affordable. It can be incredibly expensive to put together a collection of coins from a historical time when you are buying originals. However, a nice replica coin set is affordable and it's something that anyone can afford.

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