3 Things You Should Invest In As A Freelance Graphic Designer

8 January 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Are you excellent at creating different graphics for people to use on their websites, books, and even their business cards? Graphic design is something you probably started as a hobby, but now that you have people who are willing to pay you for your work, you may want to turn it into a career. Before you start accepting tons of orders from people who are depending on you to create custom designs for them, there are some items you should invest in.

Quality Graphic Design Software

Although you may have dabbled with different programs here and there, it's important to purchase and use graphic design software that will make it easier for you to produce the stunning designs you're going to create for people. Although there are some free programs available, they won't offer nearly as many features as some of the other options you'd need to purchase. Check out some of the options on the market and find out about the features they offer, such as vector tracing, brushes, color correction, and various fonts. Choose the software based on its rating, features, and cost.

Color Printer

There are times when clients may ask you to create certain things for them that they'd need to have printed out, such as wedding invitations, business cards, or thank you notes. No matter what it is, you're going to want to have a color printer available and ready to use so that you won't have to disappoint your clients. There are a lot of different color printers for sale on the market, so look for an option that comes with some important and useful features, such as:

  • Fast print speed
  • Multiple printing trays
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Document glass

These are just a few features that may be important to you as a graphic designer who wants to be able to print high-quality images and designs for the clients in a timely manner.

External Portable Hard Drive

When you're creating hundreds and even thousands of designs each year, you may start running out of space on your computer or laptop. Be prepared to keep all your work safely stored away by purchasing an external portable hard drive. You won't have to worry about deleting files that you may need at some point in the future.

If you're going to start working a freelance graphic designer, these are three items you should invest in prior to getting started. It's always helpful to have graphic design software to use when creating images, a color printer to use when printing out designs you've created, and a large external portable hard drive that allows you to save everything you've ever made.