Fun & Funny Ways to Celebrate Your Boss's Birthday

15 March 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you have a boss with a great sense of humor, you and your coworkers can have a bit of fun on his or her birthday. Use the following ideas to celebrate the boss's birthday, and celebrate the sense of joy and humor he or she brings to the workplace.

Hand Out Funny Gifts

Shopping for a boss can sometimes be a challenge, but for someone who's always telling jokes or bringing humor into the office, joke gift ideas can offer a great option. Look for coffee mugs with fun sayings, such as "World's Most Okay Boss" or "Who's in Charge Around Here" to bring on a few chuckles. Gag gifts, such as a trash bin labeled "complaint box" can also be perfect for this occasion. Ask each employee to bring a small joke gift, and have everyone pitch in on a meaningful gift to present after all the joke gifts have been opened.

Host a Standup Special

Surprise your boss with a standup comedy special in your break room. Let your boss know you'll be throwing a birthday party, but don't let him or her in on the fact that there will be live entertainment. Hire a comedian or two from a local entertainment company, and set up a stage area at the front of the break room. Arrange the seats to create the look of a comedy club, and put out a lunch spread of sandwiches, salads, and birthday cake to make this a true party.

Roast the Boss

If your boss can take a few gentle jabs, consider hosting a roast in his or her honor. You can host this event in the break room at lunch time or at a restaurant or bar after work. Invite each employee to share a playful joke about the boss, such as roasting the way he or she signs off on emails or talking about a gag tie he or she wears to the office every day. Jokes should be light and unoffensive to ensure everyone has a good time. Each employee can give his or her joke gift to the boss after completing a few one-liners. It's a good idea to have one person from human resources screen the jokes in advance to make sure that no rules of conduct are being broken.

Consider taking a field trip to a gag gift store to shop for your boss, and use these ideas to make his or her birthday a truly memorable and hilarious occasion. Contact gift shops such as Mongofun! for more ideas.