Keeping Your Funko Pops Looking Like New

28 February 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Many people collect funko pops not just for fun, but also as a future investment. Many funko pops are surprisingly rare and can trade for a lot on the open market—but they need to be kept in good condition. That goes beyond just keeping them in the box. 

Never Stack Your Funko Pops

Many people collect funko pops by stacking them on top of each other. Though the boxes do fit together very neatly, stacking them up will eventually damage the cardboard of the boxes over time. This is because the additional weight will start to crush them. Instead of stacking funko pops, invest in a shelving system. DVD shelves tend to be the perfect size to keep funko pops displayed without any empty space.

Don't Keep Funko Pops Near the Window

When funko pops are exposed to light, they will start to change colors. Sunlight will usually fade pretty much anything over time. A lot of concentrated light could also cause them to start to melt. Funko pops that have been exposed to light will have sun-bleached cardboard, lighter colors, and fogged display plastic. Instead, keep your funko pops in an interior room where they aren't subjected to daylight. 

Keep Your Funko Pops Away from Heat

A small amount of heat and moisture can easily damage the box that the funko pops are in, even if it doesn't damage the funko pops themselves. Heat and moisture tends to be most common around bathrooms and kitchens; ideally, you'll want to store your funko pop dolls away from either room. Instead, a dry basement, attic storage space, office, or living room tends to be the best area for funko pop storage.

Dust Your Funko Pops Frequently

If you leave your funko pops in storage and never dust them, eventually the dust will start to settle and cake onto the box. The dust may even get into the box. Wiping the boxes down once a week can keep dust from collecting, in addition to keeping your funko pops looking good for display.

Of course, if you just want to have fun with your funko pops and don't care about them being collectible, you can just take them out of the box and enjoy them. There's no guarantee that any individual funko pop doll will go up in value over time. You can check the current value of these dolls by looking at third-party marketplaces. If you want to learn more about the funko pop trend, you can contact a company like Play Toyz.