3 More Unique Ways to Enjoy the Benefits Of CBD Oil

24 April 2019
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CBD oil has become quite popular over the past few years. Most people who use the substance take it orally and some vaporize it. However, these are far from the only ways to harness the benefits of CBD. If you are not a fan of ingesting the oil or vaporizing it, here are a few more unique ways to use CBD oil.

Bath Oils

Do you love taking long and relaxing bubble baths? Taking a CBD oil bath may appeal to you. CBD bath oil products are usually formulated with emulsifiers, which allow the oil to be suspended in water more effectively. You add a generous squirt to your bath water, lower yourself in, and enjoy the relaxing effects. If you suffer from back pain, muscle aches, or a nervous system disorder that affects your whole body, then this is a good method to explore since the warm water compounds the effects of the CBD and helps you relax.

Roller Balls

Another option is to put some CBD oil into a roller-ball applicator. If your CBD vendor does not sell pre-filled roller ball applicators, you can buy an empty one at a local craft store and fill it with your own oil. With this type of applicator, you can rub the CBD directly on spots that are sore. For example, if you come back from a run and your knee is sore, you can apply some CBD. If you wake up with stiffness in your neck, you can roll on a little CBD.

Skin Cream

CBD is an antioxidant, which means to traps free oxygen radicals before they have a chance to harm your body's cells. As such, CBD face creams are becoming quite popular. You can apply one to your face after washing, and the CBD will penetrate your skin. Over time, using such creams can help fight wrinkles and prevent sun damage. (Do not use the cream in place of sunscreen; it's just a good complement to a quality sunscreen.)

You can also use CBD cream on other patches of skin that seem dry or irritated. Just do not use it on your eyelids because it can be irritating to your eyes if some were to get inside them.

The benefits of CBD are many. When you start taking advantage of these less-common products, you gain an even greater appreciation for its versatility and its powerful effects on the body. To learn more, contact services that supply CBD oil bath and body products.