Using Crystals And Gemstones In Pagan Religious Rituals

8 October 2019
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Crystals and gemstones play a significant role in a lot of religious rituals and traditions, including paganism. The Fundamentals of Paganism emphasize nature and support the use of crystals in psychic work, invoking spirits, casting spells, and healing.

Some things to know about using these stones religiously include:

No Skill Required

While gems and crystals are commonly used in Paganism, you don't need special skills or powers to utilize and work with stones. If you have the desire and intent to use them to enhance different aspects of your life, then you can harness the power and magic of these implements, according to many religious leaders.


You can use crystals and gems a number of ways in everyday life, beyond religious rituals. For example, amethyst is known to induce sleep, so you may slip a small amethyst stone near the bed for better sleep. If you have trouble staying focused on work, keep a malachite stone in your desk drawer for productivity. Feeling tired or discouraged? Start carrying around a marcasite marble around in your purse or pocket to improve mood and energy.


When you use crystals during meditation, it is important to use the same stone each time to develop a synchronicity between you and the gemstone. The purpose of fostering this attunement is so that you can reach a deep meditative state much faster over time and with practice. The point is to quiet the mind and connect with the crystal.


Healing with stones and crystals is not exclusive to Paganism; in fact, many cultures believe in healing rituals centered around the innate properties of your gems. Every healer has a different technique and method, but usually it involves placing a therapeutic stone on an affected or afflicted part of the body. Some gemstones that are believed to possess healing power include amber, amethyst, Jade, Larimar, and Garnet.


It is advised that you periodically cleanse your crystals and gemstone to refresh and restore their energy. Use a soft brush or cloth and a mild detergent in warm water to scrub your stones. Rinse the stones with cool water and soak for at least an hour before laying the stones in a sunny spot until they have been charged by the rays of the sun or moon.

Don't rely on your memory to keep track of how you are using your gemstones and crystals; keep a journal or take notes about the kind of stone, how it was used, and what the results were. Make a memo about how you felt after using the stone in your religious ritual or practice.

Pagans have recognized the inherent power of gemstones for centuries. Use these tips to integrate crystals and stones into your religious observances and rituals today. Look for the perfect stones through suppliers like Artes and Craft.