Telltale Attributes Of A Classic Trucker Hat

30 November 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Whether you are a truck driver yourself, you are buying a gift for someone who is a truck driver, or you simply like the look, trucker caps are a trademark style cap that is easy to find in a lot of clothing stores. These caps earned their name because many truck drivers wore them, but they have become a popular head wear accessory for everyday people as well. To make sure you get this authentic look, here is a look at some of the telltale attributes of the classic trucker hat. 

The backside of the cap will be made of mesh for breathability. 

Traditionally, trucker caps were always made with mesh panels on the back, and most of them still are today because it is a logical pairing with the other materials. The cap in the front is fairly thick with its foam backing, so it is important for the rest of the cap to be breathable or allow airflow, so your head does not feel hot. All triangular sections meet at the top and center of the top point and a button will cover that pinnacle point on the top of the hat. 

The front of the cap will have a foam backing so it stands up nice and straight. 

Unlike baseball caps that usually only have a cloth front that lays closer against the front of the head, trucker hats have a foam backing so the front stands up off the head nice and tall. This area is typically outfitted with something like: 

  • A company logo or name
  • A humorous quote or saying 
  • An eye-catching graphic design 

Since the front of the cap is meant to attract attention, it is important that it stands up and faces outward. The foam lining on the back allows that to happen and prevents the cap from losing its shape. 

The hat will have an adjustable closure in the back; usually snaps. 

You definitely do not want your trucker hat sinking down too far over your face, so it is important that it has an adjustable style. The majority of high-quality classic trucker caps will actually have the snap-back closure on the back, which will allow you to make adjustments pretty easily and the hat will stay secure. You can also find trucker hats that have velcro strips for tightening as well.

If you are interested in the look of a classic trucker hat, you can find them in a variety of online stores.