Choose One Of These Lamp Shade Designs For Your Child's Room

25 March 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

When you're decorating a bedroom for your child, don't overlook the value of choosing the right lamp shade. While any combination of lamp and shade can brighten the child's space, a fun lamp shade can be something that brings a smile to your child's face countless times in the years ahead. Lighting stores often sell a wide range of fun lamp shades, including many that can be suitable for children's rooms. Whether you take your child shopping with you so that he or she can select a lamp shade or you buy this accessory as a surprise, here are some designs that can be appealing. 

Sports Balls

If your son or daughter is athletic and loves playing one or more sports, you might wish to choose a lamp shade that has a sports ball design. Look for a design that represents your child's favorite sport. If he or she plays soccer, a lamp shade that is white with black pentagons throughout its surface offers a soccer ball design. For a baseball- or softball-loving child, a white lamp shade with red stitching is indicative of a baseball or softball. For a child who is a multi-sport athlete, you may be able to find a lamp shade that is covered in balls from a variety of sports.


Emojis are a fixture in the lives of many children. A child who is just starting to communicate with friends with your tablet or smartphone, for example, will often enjoy sending emojis. Children often have emoji T-shirts and emoji pillows, so it can be fun to look for a lamp shade that features these popular designs. You may find one that has a specific emoji repeated multiple times, or perhaps you'll come across a lamp shade that has a wide selection of emojis. Whatever the case, you can count on this lamp shade design making your son or daughter laugh.


Boys and girls are often into superheroes, and your son or daughter may enjoy watching movies, reading comic books, or wearing clothing that depicts his or her favorite characters. If superheroes are a big part of your child's life, look for a lamp shade that displays one or more of these characters. There's a good chance that your child may already have some superhero decorations in his or her room—perhaps a bedspread and pillowcase or maybe even wallpaper. If so, look for a superhero-themed lamp shade that will match or complement these elements.

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