Design Features That Can Keep Predators Out Of Your New Birdhouse

8 September 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

When you shop for a birdhouse, you're likely imagining the pleasant idea of seeing birds popping in and out of it as you watch from your deck or through a window. The last thing that you might want to think about is predators gaining access to the birdhouse, but this is definitely something that should be on your mind. While there are many factors for you to assess as you look at different birdhouses, you should also be mindful of how well certain models will keep predators at bay. Some houses are better than others in this regard. Here are some design features that you should look for.

Small Entry Hole

The size of the hole that allows entry into a birdhouse is an important anti-predator feature. The larger this hole is, the more unwanted visitors would theoretically be able to get inside of the house. It's a good idea to know what type of birds you wish to attract to your yard. Once you know this information, you can look up the diameter of the entry hole that this species needs — and make sure to buy a birdhouse that doesn't have a hole that is any larger.

Use Of A Baffle

When you look at different bird feeders, you'll find many designs that include an anti-squirrel baffle to prevent this pest from stealing seeds and scaring the birds away. A baffle is a device that has the purpose of keeping pests and predators at bay, and many birdhouses also have baffles. Look at the design of this feature when you shop. If your preferred birdhouse doesn't come with a baffle, the retailer at which you're shopping almost certainly has some baffles for sale. This will allow you to buy this product separately and mount it to your birdhouse or to the pole that supports the dwelling. Often, a baffle is a collar or cone shape that predators will have trouble navigating.

Metal Pole

While there are many different locations that you can mount a birdhouse, affixing this structure to a metal pole is generally a good idea. In a tree, it can be easy for predators to access the birdhouse. Squirrels and even raccoons can easily climb most trees and potentially reach the structure. A metal pole is difficult to climb, especially when it has a slick surface. Your retailer likely sells metal pole kits, so you may want to shop for this device at the same time that you shop for your birdhouse.

For more information, look for a retailer with birdhouses for sale online.