3 Ways To Use Large Shungite Stones With Action Figure Displays

18 April 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Shungite stones make great display pieces, but you do not have to display the detailed shiny rocks on their own. As you shop for elite shungite online, look for ways to pair the stones with other decor in your home. If you enjoy displaying action figure collectibles in your home, then there are many unique ways to mix the rocks with opened figures.

Check out some options and then brainstorm your own ways to use the shungite stones with action figure displays.

1. Alien Planets & Sci-Fi Figures

Science-fiction figures from movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Predator are popular collectibles. The elite shungite stones have an alien-like quality that allows you to represent other planets. Use the stones to make a backdrop or diorama that looks like an alien planet. You could use a larger stone as a centerpiece or use small stones to represent planet terrain.

Set up a photo backdrop of the planet and place some of the stones in front. Leaves gaps open to put up your favorite sci-fi figures in unique poses. Once you purchase the rocks, you can find unique ways to set up scenes and have the shungite really stand out among the figures.

2. Action Figure Display Stands

As you shop for large elite shungite stones, you have the option to purchase flat stones. The flat stones create an ideal stand for your action figures. The stones are sturdy, feature different heights, and offer a unique way to display figures without the need for plastic stands.

Use some pieces of adhesive putty to set the figures on the display. The putty will not damage the stone or the figure and does not need to stay permanent as super glue would. When you purchase multiple pieces of rock, you can display them side-by-side with your favorite action figure collectibles.

3. Superhero Strength & Power

If you collect superhero figures, then use the stones to showcase a hero's power. For example, if you have a Superman figure, you could display the figure holding a piece shungite. Adhesive putty can help keep the stone up in the air, but you also want to ensure that the stone doesn't weigh a figure down too much.

The display idea works best with larger action figures that have the strength and materials to hold a little extra weight. Once you receive the stones in the mail, you can play around with different scenes and set up a display to match your vision. For more information on large elite shungite stones, contact a professional near you.